Official Launch of Develop Africa’s Inaugural Girls Leadership Mentoring Program

Develop Africa Inc. launched its inaugural Girls Leadership Mentoring Program and Club on the July 12th  2012 at the British Council Hall in Freetown Sierra Leone.  Develop Africa’s Girls Leadership Mentoring program was birthed out of the desire to fully equip women especially young girls with the necessary skills, tools and mindset for optimum success and the release of their potential. Birthed out of the realization that mentoring is a key ingredient for depositing and sustaining leadership seeds this program is aimed at producing young girls who are adequately and skillfully equipped to compete locally, regionally and globally and to become pioneers in their field enabling them to serve their generation. This is the first inaugural program of Leadership mentorship club launched in the republic of Sierra Leone. However Develop Africa has operations in over (7) African nations and we are planning a replication of this program in those nations in the coming years.

Group of mentees


Dr. Jasmine Renner, Director of International Outreaches and Development at Develop Africa Inc. will serve as the “lead mentor” and will facilitate the program over the three years period.

The goal of the leadership mentoring program and club is to develop ten (10) skilled, female leaders who are proficient in knowledge, skill, productivity, forward thinking and creativity for a period of three years and then begin the cycle of mentoring for another 10 in the same said time-frame. 

Some of the highlights of this program include:

  • Bi-monthly online-book reading circles and discussion groups.
  • A girls leadership mentoring online portal where mentee and their mentor interact on a monthly basis.
  • Every mentee will be given a laptop computer /netbook – donated by Develop Africa Inc.
  • Every mentee will be given a kindle book reader - donated by Develop Africa Inc.
  • Every mentee will be required to make entries into a leadership journal each month about their development and growth and reflection of leadership materials and resources provided. An annual discussion of journal entries will be conducted in the online mentoring portal every three months.
  • There will be ongoing  on-ground  professional development sessions for mentees  during the three year period  to be held in Freetown, Sierra Leone where mentees will be instructed, groomed,  nurtured, equipped and prepared for local, regional and global forward thinking leadership

more mentees

Topics of coverage for the local symposium for mentees include but are not limited to:

  1. Development of Creative and Forward- thinking leadership dispositions and skills
  2. Spirituality, Values and Ethical Considerations in Leadership
  3. Effective Time Management Utilization Skills
  4. Resource Utilization: How to Avoid Waste and Business Failure
  5. Development of Public Speaking, debate and negotiation skills
  6. Leadership Recognition, Training Development
  7. Developing Excellence in Life and Callings
  8. Professional and personal Etiquette – How to conduct oneself before Kings
     Authorities and influential people.
  9. Financial management and professional responsibility skills
  10. Sessions related to medical. Health Leadership headed by -Dr.  Gladys and Rodney Allen- Campbell  (Nuwach Ministries)
  11.  The development of Cross-cultural and global Leadership Skills
  12.  Other Leadership topics including but not limited to  (political leadership, economic leadership, financial leadership, church leadership, etc).

Every year an award will be made to 2 outstanding mentees in the form of significant cash price for excellence in (7) seven core areas of leadership.

  1. Community and local leadership
  2. Health leadership
  3. Academic Excellence and Distinction
  4. Innovative, Creative and Forward -Thinking Leadership
  5. Religious/Church Leadership
  6. Youth Leadership  and
  7. Service to the Nation.

 The dispositions and competencies to be achieved for each category will be provided to mentees at the beginning of the year to ensure a benchmark is made for their yearly activities. A team of leaders and experts working with personnel from Develop Africa Inc. will determine the two finalists for the award

The award titled: “Dr. J.  Renner Leadership Award” will be given to the mentees who demonstrates the highest proficiency in seven core areas of leadership .At the end of the three year mentoring period there will be a grand follow-up conference/ symposium for mentees to display and demonstration professionalism, spirituality, community and innovative leadership activities and initiatives they have been engaged in and reflect on the three year mentorship program by submitting a final leadership portfolio.

The first 10 graduating mentees will serve as Develop Africa’ ambassadorial mentees and assist in the program’s continuation to a second phase of mentee training for the next three years of the leadership mentoring program.

The official launching of the mentoring program /club was very vibrant and emotional.  Dr. Jasmine Renner announced the finalists who were selected as mentees while Mrs. Olayinka Phillips graciously assisted in the induction of each mentee.  Mrs. Olayinka Phillips also welcomed each mentee into the program and hooded each mentee with a flowery accessory.

During the official launching of the mentee leadership program, Mr. Josie Kamara-Cole president of the Excellent Student Network International (Sierra Leone branch) was presented with an Asus netbook/ laptop by Develop Africa Inc. for his persistence, leadership and excellence in leading the group.

The official launching of the mentoring program/ club ended in a very high and positive note with mentees networking among themselves and congratulations from non-finalists.

Thank you partners, donors, sponsors and friends for making all of this possible. We are equipping the next generation to take their place in history. Thank you very much!!


 Jasm ine and some mentees

 Dr. Jasmine Renner poses for a shot with some of the mentees, Julianna, Marilyn, Hannah, Iye and Bintu






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