In the linked video, Josie, a beneficiary of Develop Africa's Skill Acquisition and Microfinance Program, expresses his appreciation to donors for providing a sewing machine (pictured). Josie is currently in year 2 of a tailoring school. 

With this new sewing machine Josie is able to spend more hours practicing and developing his tailoring skills. The sewing machine is already being put to great use and Josie has started developing a clientele.  The machine is helping earn an additional income and take care of himself - so that he is not dependent on other people.  

This is a key element of empowerment - providing a way for people to become self-sufficient.  ... Read more

It’s been an amazing year of progress.  Over the past year, the Tailoring school at the Develop Africa Empowerment and Training Institute has provided Tailoring training for over 18 trainees.  The topics covered include the following styles: Midi, Blouse and Skirt, Print, Float, Tuntorlah, Yoruba style, Sleeveless, Shirts and Pants. 

Productivity, Growth and No More Idleness: Thanks to your support, as a result of the training received, the ladies no longer pay someone else to sew clothes for their children, themselves and their husbands. They are no longer idle.  They have started obtaining small tailoring jobs – that help in providing for the home.  

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Margaret goes to school

It's back to school season and we are excited about the opportunity to be able to help further the education of deserving kids in Sierra Leone.

We have an exciting video to share with you (Watch video - Margaret goes to school and kids share their dreams) where you can see 2 things:

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At what age did you learn how to format text on a computer?  Yes - we know times have changed and that kids today are learning at much earlier ages.  

That said, we are delighted that girls like Adolpha are becoming computer savvy and learning at earlier ages.  This is amazing given that tens of thousands of children in Africa do not have access to this type of free training.  

Raising computer savvy girls in Africa

Why do girls like Adolpha have access to this training?  Because of YOU and YOUR support!  You are making a difference and making this... Read more

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. Did you remember learning this proverb / saying when you were growing up?

As you may know, Develop Africa focuses on empowering lives in Africa by providing the resources and support that they need to improve and better themselves.  Through your support, we have provided scholarships, mosquito nets, uniforms, school supplies etc. to thousands to children.  We motivate them on an on-going basis to do well at school.

That said we realize that life is more than progress in school.  There are many other things that are essential for children... Read more

We are delighted to share with you a special 90 seconds video clip from Joshua - The Director of Door of Hope. Joshua is a key member of our team in Sierra Leone.

In the video he says to YOU, our GlobalGiving donors - that your help has made a LOT of difference in the lives of the kids.  He goes on to explain that through the support that we have provided (in the form of books, school and teaching supplies, compensation for the After School Program Instructors), has helped the children become successful in school. In the past year all the childen who... Read more

Running is liberating and exhilarating. While its fabulous to run, it’s also great to watch runners as they seemingly effortlessly, run laps around a field. It's fun to see someone win and we all love to cheer our favorite person to victory. The challenge of competition thrills us - independent of our background. This is why we all enjoy watching sports and games at all levels.

The participants in competitions like the recently completed Olympics Games at Sochi are true heroes. They train hard for years - for an opportunity to celebrate victory. We congratulate and celebrate all true heroes and the medal winners at Sochi Olympics.

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This video shows a brief clip of Christmas celebrations at the CAPEC school in Cameroon.  You can see some photos and read a report here -

Over half a million people die from malaria every year, mostly children younger than five years old. Only about 5% of children sleep under a net.

Mosquito nets are a proven method of reducing exposure to mosquito bites and the killer disease of malaria. Insecticide-treated bed nets save lives by reducing exposure to mosquito bites and the killer disease of malaria. The nets are useful particularly for protecting vulnerable children who are less resistant to the malaria. Beneficiaries are provided with long-lasting nets and educated on the importance of daily use.

Video includes a brief testimony of Juanita, a girl in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Help provide a net by donating... Read more

It's Thanksgiving / harvest season!  The girls at the FAWE School put together a special thank you video with a song for GlobalGiving Donors

In the video the girls sing a thank you song with words as follows:

We got you this song to say,
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