Impact Update - 150 Trainees & Empowering Trainees to Start Fishing

Did you know that this project has trained over 150 trainees to date?  Thanks to your support - over 150 people have learned how to sew.  We are excited at having reached this milestone.

This school has had a significant impact in the Wellington community.  A good number of the youths and school dropouts have learned how to sew. We rejoice in being able to have this type of impact.

The school started with female tutors.  Now we have male teachers. We currently have 10 trainees. 

Going forward, our goal is to provide each of the trainees with a toolkit (sewing machine and some basic equipment / supplies (such as a coal iron, pair of scissors, needles, tape measure, table etc.). The trainees and teachers have expressly communicated that this is an urgent need.  This certainly makes sense as the graduating trainees need equipment assistance to start their own businesses. 

We have together taught them "how to fish".  Now they need the necessary equipment to "start fishing".  This would complete the empowerment cycle.

Let us together help provide each of the trainees with a sewing tool kit ($200).  This would enable them to "start fishing" and truly empower them.

Thanks so much for your support

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Wed, 02/08/2017
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