Thanks For Helping to Provide On-Going Education

Thank you for your continued support to help optimize educational opportunities in Cameroon for the students at the Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School in Nkolfoulou, Cameroon (BLIS).  Your donations have helped purchase school supplies, provide scholarships and cover expenses at the BLIS School.  

The students at the BLIS recently celebrated National Day. Photos included in this report show their parade in honor of National Day. 

The Cameroon students are also working hard to finish classes before the end of the school year. They have enjoyed the school year, playing with their friends, learning new things and now they are looking forward to summer break.  Photos also show the BLIS students playing with their friends on the playground. Because of YOUR support, the students are able to learn and play in a stable environment. 

Thanks again for making a difference for these deserving children in Cameroon. Your continued support to help us provide scholarships, school supplies and needed school improvements is greatly appreciated. 

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Mon, 06/05/2017
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