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Keri is more than a sponsor to Holstina

Holstina has a special relationship with her sponsor, Keri.  They talk about things they enjoy, careers and family.  Keri sent Holstina a Christmas present  to make sure her holiday was extra special.   You can read in Holstina's letter how much she appreciates having Keri in her life. Holstina says: "Thank you so much for Christmas gift and the letter you sent to me.  You made this Christmas special already. Thank you. I am working on my self to do better in academics.  We have completed our first semester examination before Christmas break unfortunately. Our school report cards for this term will be given to us when we resume classes for second semester. I love information about nature and sanitation. I am glad you are teaching. It is a noble profession the world can't do without. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year. Love, Holstina"   Holstina's sponsor is making a difference in her life, you too can be a hero for a child in need.   You can make a difference in a child's life too; click here to learn more about our child sponsorship program.
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Microfinance Loan is Making a Difference for Mariatu

It's great to know that you have supported a good cause, but it is even more rewarding to hear from those that have benefited from your generous donations.  Microfinance loans give individuals a hand to get their businesses going or to help them grow their existing businesses.  Your generosity has enabled many different businesses; Mariatu is one of the people to recieve a microfinance loan. Please check out the video of appreciation from Mariatu.  In the video she says: "My name is Mariatu, one of the ladies that benefited from the microfinance loans. Fast foods and drinks is the business that the fund was used for. Thank you very much for your support, the loan has been very supportive to me and my son. God bless you." You can continue to help make a difference by continuing to support microfiannce loans for individuals like Mariatu.  Thank you again for making a difference in Mariatu's and her son's life.  
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We are One Step Closer - Cement Blocks are Ready for Construction

Thank YOU for investing in this project and the education of girls. Funds from your donations helped purchase 3000 cement blocks - shown in the included photo.   When this is completed, we will be able to launch a poultry of over 1000 egg-laying hens. Funds from the sales of eggs will provide sustainable, ongoing supporting scholarships for girls like Edna. Edna's favorite subjects in school are Integrated Science and Mathematics. She would like to become a nurse. She likes playing balance ball. She is outgoing and very friendly. She has three brothers and three sisters. Her mother is a subsistent farmer and her father passed when she was still a young child. Thank you for helping to make the education dream of girls like Edna one step closer to reality. We would appreciate your support in the next phase which is laying the foundation, putting up the walls and the roof.   
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Our School Supplies are Making a Difference - Reinforcing Quality of Education

Thanks to YOUR support, in June, we distributed school supplies to 36 girls at the FAWE school in Freetown.  Your donations made this possible and helped to cover shipping costs from USA to the school. The girls were elated to receive the supplies and you can see the excitement and broad smiles on their faces in the photos. They send their deep appreciation to YOU for helping to get these supplies to them. See more photos of smiling girls with school supplies. Getting girls in school is one thing.  The next best thing that we can do is to ensure that they have the tools needed to learn.  Thanks to your kindness the girls have the supplies that they need from notebooks to pens, pencils, sharpeners etc.  By providing these supplies free to the girls we are saving the parents from spending their meager resources in purchasing these supplies.     Together we are helping to educate girls and educate Sierra Leone.   Together we are truly helping to ensure a better educational foundation for the women who will be the future leaders of Sierra Leone.   Together we are helping to reinforce the quality of education that these girls are receiving. Together we brought smiles to the face of these precious girls. Together we are making a difference.
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Help Bendu Stay in School

Thank you for helping Bendu stay in school by providing her a scholarship.  Through your support, she has received funding to help pay for her tuition, books, school supplies and related school expenses for this school year.  Bendu is smiling with joy and is so very grateful for your support.   We welcome your support in providing full support for several other student scholarships for children and sponsoring a child to make a difference throughout the whole year. Child sponsorships give you the opportunity to be a child's hero, to build an ongoing relationship with a child and to be a part of helping a child grow and mature into a citizen that can give back to his/her community.   Go to our child sponsorship page to learn more about starting a child sponsorship.  
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Abdul's Sponsor is Making a Difference

Abdul's sponsor is making a difference in his life, you too can be a hero for a child in need.  This Child Sponsorship Update gives you a look into the relationship / communication between Abdul and his sponsor.  

This is actual communication exchanged from Abdul to his sponsor.

In Abdul's video to his sponsor he says:  "My name is Adbdul Karim, I am in class 4.  I attend St Edward's Primary School. Please continue to support me. Thank you" 

Youtube Video: 
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Trainees are Putting Their Skills to Good Use - Dresses Donated to Dream Home Kids

 Your donations continue to impact families as the tailoring trainees are learning a lifelong skill. The trainees have the skills to sew for their families and to also use their skills to earn an income.  Your generosity is making a lifelong impact on these individuals.   The Tailoring Department recently donated twelve dresses to the Dream Again Home girls. The twelve beneficiaries were: Fatmata, Mabinty, Aisha, Susan, Felicia, the two Kadiatus, Fanta, Mariatu, Esther, Aminata, and Hannah. The Dream Home girls were delighted and expressed their thanks to the Tailoring trainees.  This was possible because you helped to provide the sewing machines. Several photos are below from the Tailoring Training and the Dream Home girls modeling their new dresses.  The full album is available at this link. Thank you for making a difference for these young people and their families.  We welcome your continued support!
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Susan is Working on a Better Future

Thanks in part to your support, Susan is finishing up at the Vocational Institute.  She is an unmarried young woman with a baby. She is working to complete her vocational training in hair dressing. This will enable her to support herself and her baby.  Together, we are helping give her a new start in life with new opportunities. In this YouTube video Susan says:  Hello, my name is Susan, a former student of Creating Pathways Centre Develop Africa Sierra Leone; I was one of the girls that benefited from the educational assistance provided to girls that were attending classes at the centre. I am presently attending Generation 21 Vocational Institute and I am doing well. I want to say a big thank you to Develop Africa for your support, am presently staying with my daughter and things are not easy for us. I just want to say thank you and God bless.  I am looking forward to Develop Africa for more help thank you. We are together making a difference in young women's lives, like Susan. With your continued support, we will together help more young women.  We are giving them the tools they need to be successful. We are helping to equip them for a better future - for themselves and their children.
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eHealth Africa Team Provides Water Tank and Plumbing Supplies to Running Water Project

A team from eHealth Africa visited the Dream Home on June 30, 2017 – convening at the Grace Christians In Action Church. The meeting commenced with an opening prayer made by Mrs. Agnes Othello-Kargbo. Mr. Musa Komeh a staff of eHealth chaired the meeting. Mr. Joshua Sandy, the Coordinator of Dream Again Home. made the welcome address. He welcomed eHealth to the family of children that have lost their parents to the Ebola epidemic that claimed so many lives in Sierra Leone.

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Fri, 06/30/2017
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Kadiatu Sends Video of Thanks to her Sponsor

This Child Sponsorship Update gives you a look into the relationship / communication between children and their sponsors.  

This is actual communication exchanged between a child to his / her sponsor.

In Kadiatu's video to her sponsor she says:  "Hello, my name is Kadiatu Marie Sesay. I am attending Elshadi Primary School. I am in class 6. I love to go to school. Thank you for your support" 

Youtube Video: 
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