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Our Support is Enabling a Welcome and Appreciated Alternative For The Kids And Youths

Our implementing partner, the Civil Affairs Team in Cameroon, along with members of the US Task Force in Cameroon visited Centre Notre Dame De L'Accueil, commonly referred to as CENODA, and supplied them with some of the school supplies that you helped to provide. Your donations helped cover the shipping costs.  CENODA is a non-profit rehabilitation center for underprivileged youth, vulnerable children, teenage mothers, and widows in Cameroon. CENODA provides education and vocational training while children and teenage mothers live in the dormitories. CENODA is an instrumental support channel to a population that lives in an economically challenged environment. The population is susceptible to a lifestyle of crime, poverty and extremist organizations. Some of the kids and youths have been orphaned as a direct result of Boko Haram activities in North Cameroon. Our support is enabling a welcome and appreciated alternative for the kids and youths. We are supporting education as a pathway to a brighter and alternate future. This support is essential and life-transforming. Thanks to your support, we are providing to CENODA and other organizations the resources they need to meet the needs of the population in Northern Cameroon. We are truly making a difference - helping to support education.  We are changing mindsets and building a brighter future in Cameroon.  
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Improvement in Academic Work, Visit of Clowns and Easter Party

The children are improving in their academic work. Fanta, Daniel, Susan, Mariatu, and Felicia are doing well in their class in the primary category.  Tutors in the After School lessons have aided in their improvement. Dorcas, Fatmata, Mabinty, and Osman are doing well in high school. Alhaji sat to the N.P.S.E in May. Geraldine is also committed to her studies to take the private W.A.S.S.C.E. Easter Monday - April 17, was a public holiday. We had a party sponsored by Mike, a Board member.  The children enjoyed the Easter celebration.  There was a lot of food, drinks, and dancing. In early June, the children had a visit from Clowns Without Borders. Artists from Clowns Without Borders brought joy and cheer to Dream Home children and other kids at the Vickrays Primary School. The kids had a fun time - with lots of smiles and laughter. View photos from the show. Our focus continues to be ensuring that they live rounded lives.  We are providing the best care that we could for them. Over the past 3 months, we have together raised $1,348.32 through GlobalGiving. This amount is about half of what we need on a monthly basis to meet our budget.  Your support helps us provide the food and security that they need.  Because of you, the children are able to participate in a wide range of celebrations and activities.     
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Your Support is Helping to Developing Proficiency in PowerPoint - An In-Demand Job Skill

April 27 was the 56th Anniversary of Sierra Leone's Independence.  To celebrate the day, the ladies in the Creating Pathways Computer Lab were challenged to create different designs in PowerPoint commemorating the day.  The ladies enjoyed the exercise and  expressed their creativity and had fun in the process. The colorful slides reflected the colors of the national flag of Sierra Leone - green, white and blue. Proficiency in Microsoft Office and PowerPoint are top in-demand job skills according to research.  This is relevant not just in the US, but also in Sierra Leone. Consequently, it is no surprise that the training that we are offering is in demand and highly appreciated.  Together we are helping to provide the needed skills for success in today's society.   Your support helps to cover staff salaries and lab running costs so we can continue to offer this in-demand job skills training to deserving youths.   We appreciate your on-going assistance as we empower youths and raise a savvy, equipped generation.
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Kabba Thanks his Sponsor

This Child Sponsorship Update gives you a look into the relationship / communication between children and their sponsors.   This is actual communication exchanged between a child to his / her sponsor. In Kabba's letter to his sponsor he says:  "Hope all is well with you and your family. Knowing that the fund you provided for me has been used to pay my school fees and getting other necessary school items made me so very happy. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you for being my helper.  It will amaze you to know that your sponsorship have created an unforgettable impact in my academics as I am now in JSS2 (Junior Secondary School) Thanks a lot. Wishing you a prosperous 2017. Love, Kabba"  Kabba's sponsor is making a difference in his life, click here to learn more about our child sponsorship program.
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You Helped Provide 124 Mosquito Bed Nets to Families!

According to the World Health Organization, in 2015, there were roughly 212 million malaria cases and an estimated 429 000 malaria deaths. Increased prevention and control measures have led to a 29% reduction in malaria mortality rates globally since 2010. Sub-Saharan Africa continues to carry a disproportionately high share of the global malaria burden.  While those statistics are very sad, the reality is we can and we are doing something to change that.  We are together making progress and reducing malaria- related deaths. The World Health Organization confirms that long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) are the preferred form of insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITNs) for public health programmes. In most settings, WHO recommends LLIN coverage for all people at risk of malaria. The most cost-effective way to achieve this is by providing LLINs free of charge, to ensure equal access for all. In parallel, effective behaviour change communication strategies are required to ensure that all people at risk of malaria sleep under a LLIN every night, and that the net is properly maintained.  (WHO Fact Sheet) Your donations are making this possible - the targeted free distribution to at-risk beneficiaries. Bed Nets are a proven way to significantly reduce malaria and thanks to your generosity, we are continuing to provide bed nets to families in need.  We are not going to stop until every person in Sierra Leone has a bed net protecting them. In the last 3 months, we distributed 124 bed nets to families in Sierra Leone.  You can see some of the smiling faces of families and children receiving bed nets. They are smiling in appreciation of a healthy, malaria-free future - thanks to YOUR support! You are truly helping us save lives by your support and we really appreciate your continued support.     
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Solar Radios Help Girls Improve Their English

We recently distributed 38 Multipurpose Solar radios to girls at the FAWE school.  The girls were excited and very happy to receive the radios. 

At the distribution ceremony, Joseph, our program Coordinator, encouraged the girls to tune into educative radio broadcasts that were put together by the Ministry of Education to add value to their lives. The broadcasts, he explained, will help them to improve their English.  

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Wed, 07/12/2017
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Girls Will Soon Be Using The Computers That YOU Helped Provide

Thanks so much for supporting computer training for the girls at the FAWE school.   Thanks to your support, we have shipped 3 computers that will help to ensure that the girls continue to receive basic computer training. You can see photos of the drums containing the computers here.  They will soon be using these computers. The girls deeply appreciate the computer training that we are providing.  What we are doing is unique and in high demand.  We are together helping to lay the foundation for a great future for these girls.  You can see the excitement in the faces of the girls in the photos. Through the gift of computer proficiency, we are empowering and helping to prepare them for the demands of our computer-aided society.  This is priceless! We deeply appreciate your support and welcome your on-going assistance.  
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Nutritious Meals Keep Our Children Healthy & Strong

How many times growing up did you hear your parents say,  "Eat your food, it will make you grow up big and strong" or  "You are not leaving the table until you finish all of your food".    Most of us take our meals for granted, especially as children, but the 22 children in the Dream Home are orphans and depend on us to make sure they are getting nutritious meals.  Your generous support is making that possible.    Your donations have helped purchase food staples such as: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods (fish, bread, eggs, fish, peanut butter, rice, vegetables, and dairy.  Your support has also helped purchase food for special celebrations such as birthdays, Easter and the second anniversary of the Dream Home.  The pictures below show some of the recent celebrations held at the Dream Home. The kids are healthy and strong thanks to the nutritious food we are providing them together.  We are so thankful you are a part of our village raising the Dream Home children - helping them to grow and mature into healthy adults.
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Review of Our Impact and Transition for Creating Pathways

Develop Africa launched a GlobalGiving project to provide and report on remedial training to 100 girls who became pregnant during the Ebola crisis (and were temporarily out of school). Over the past 2 years, we have provided support to over one hundred young ladies that dropped out of school.  Thanks to the generous grant we received from GlobalGiving and yourdonations, we provided psychosocial counseling, computer training, tutorials on school curriculum, scholarships, vocational training and micro-finance funds to over 100 pregnant girls. This targeted support helped to give them a new vision and reason to dream again. Below is a summary of our what you supported and made happen. Watch the video summary. Psychosocial Counseling: This counseling was central to our intervention because of the background of the ladies. In this counseling, we maintained a collaborative effort between the counselor and client, with the aim of helping these ladies set out goals and identify potential solutions to their problems. As a result of this, we have seen marked positive changes in their decision making with regard to their career choices and other aspects of their lives Computer Proficiency Training: The computer lab was launched with the aim of giving these ladies the opportunity to become computer proficient. The excitement and enthusiasm of the ladies were very high. They deeply appreciated this opportunity. They started off with the basics of computers and have covered topics like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet access and MS Access. They attained the desired goal of computer proficiency. The lab has served its original intended purpose and is now providing training to other youths in the community. Tutorials on School Curriculum: In order to ensure that the pregnant ladies did not regress educationally, we incorporated selected subjects from the school curriculum tutorials as part of our intervention. We covered subjects such as English language, Social Studies, Integrated Science and Mathematics for junior school students and Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Mathematics, English Language, Literature, History, and Government for senior school students. This served as a springboard for most of them to go back to the formal school system. Microfinance Support: This was launched in order to support the ladies who had decided to start a small business - either as a means to help support them while in school or as a full-time occupation.  This support is helping them become self- reliant. So far microfinance support has been provided to seven ladies. In June, we visited each of the ladies and we are delighted to report that their businesses have grown.  They are able to take care of their babies, families, studies and themselves.  Vocational Training Support: During our psychosocial counseling sessions with the ladies we noticed that some of these ladies did not have the desire to continue traditional, formal schooling.  So we encouraged them to learn new skills. Some of these young ladies adhered to the advice and we got them enrolled in various institutions to learn skills. Thanks to your support, five ladies are now enrolled in Cosmetology and Hair Designing, Business Studies and Human Resource Management  Scholarships: We provided scholarship funds to nine beneficiaries. Funds were geared towards their school fee, school materials and transportation to and from school and extra classes to help them prepare for exams.  Special Requests / Miscellaneous Support: We were also able to provide financial support to 6 ladies to help them take care of themselves and their babies.  Funds helped to cover transportation, hospital costs, rent, and food. As you can see from the above summary, we have together enabled and touched many lives. Their lives will never be the same again because of YOUR support. Because of your support, this remedial project has been a huge success. Over 100 lives have been strengthened and impacted. We rejoice in our joint impact. Going forward, we are continuing to provide on-going support to the ladies through scholarship assistance, microfinance support and vocational training. We are firmly committed, more than ever before, to helping the original set of 100+ plus ladies and many more pregnant ladies start over again and pursue their dreams.   Please see the links below for different ways you can continue to support these young moms. Sponsor Microfinance: Empower Small Businesses Provide Vital Vocational Trade Skills Training Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation - Sierra Leone We deeply appreciate all you have done and continue to do to make the world a better place.
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Princess Says Thank you to her Sponsor

Princess is so thankful to her sponsor, Amy, for her support.  She says in the video "Thank you very very much"

This Child Sponsorship Update gives you a look into the relationship / communication between children and their sponsors.  This is actual communication exchanged between a child and his / her sponsor.  Princess's sponsor is making a difference in her life, click here to learn more about our child sponsorship program.

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