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Welcome to Develop Africa's site.  We warmly invite you to learn about how we are empowering lives in Africa and we invite you to connect with us and join is in making a difference. Together we can change many more lives.  Read more about our vision and what we are doing.

Featured Campaign:
Thankfully, the numbers of new Ebola cases are on the decline.  Efforts are now switching to care for Ebola orphans.  The United Nations estimates that there may be over 10,000 Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone alone.  

From a long term perspective, Ebola orphans are dealing with the emotional loss of losing their parents and or siblings, insecurity, displacement, uncertainty about their future and abandonment, to name a few.  The situation that these orphans find themselves is far from simple.  It is one that requires long-term intervention to ensure that these children can grow up to become fulfilled and reach their full potential.

A failure to reach out and help these orphans could result in them ending up in crime, teenage pregnancy / marriage, prostitution and other undesirable situations. Orphan girls are left to fend for themselves and will eventually go into early marriage.  Some could end up as prostitutes. The orphan boys could become petty thieves or robbers.

There is desperate need for efforts to be focused on caring for Ebola orphans and ensuring that their education and lives are not disrupted.  We are responding to this by setting up an orphanage for Ebola Orphans.  Read more...

proposed building for orphanage

Find out more about the orphanage...



Develop Africa is a US 501c3 non-profit organization working to establish meaningful and sustainable development in Africa. Develop Africa was birthed out of the vision that human resource development is the key to improving nation building capacity in Africa. Develop Africa is involved in a range of programs in Africa supporting education, microfinance and small businesses, job skills / leadership development training, health etc.

Through training, scholarship, investment and partnerships Develop Africa is helping to develop Africa’s people through the promotion of transformational education, resource development, investment training and strategic empowerment. Our premise is based on the notion that in order to change one’s personal, national or organizational status there must necessarily be a “change in the thinking and processing pattern of the mind.”

We envision an African continent fully developed in terms of its human and resource capacity, free from poverty; ignorance, and civil conflict and where the poorest and most vulnerable people become “leaders” and effectively manage national resources.