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Thanks for your interest in sponsoring a child.  This is the best way to impact a life in Africa - making a personal investment, relating with and getting to know a child and family.  You will have the opportunity to exchange letters, photos, videos, gifts and even visit - if you choose to go that far.  You can sponsor a child for as long as you want.  We recommend that you commit to sponsoring a child for at least 2 or more years - as this brings stability to the child / family.

We will be delighted to assist you in selecting a child - or you can select a child by browsing through the profiles of children till you find a child that you like / connect with.
Take a few minutes to watch the group of introductory videos above.   

Sponsoring a child is probably the greatest way YOU can impact the life of a specific child in Africa! 

  • Build a relationship. 

  • Watch your sponsored child develop. 

  • Its life-transforming!

Join Develop Africa and individuals all over the world as we bring love, hope, compassion and justice to the deserving children in Africa. Sponsors play an integral part of our program of helping children. As a child sponsor, you can help these children experience the fullness of life and potential that they have and help save a child from a life of poverty!

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What is child sponsorship?
Sponsoring a child for just $30 a month is a wonderful way to help change the life of a child in need and bring hope to his or her entire community. Being a sponsor through Develop Africa's Sponsor a Child Program will give you the chance to provide opportunity for a child in desperate need and to build a new relationship with one special child.  You can also choose to donate more than $30 a month. 
As a sponsor, what will I receive throughout the year?
We will send you a sponsorship package by email (or hard copy on request) which includes a photo and profile of your child, as well as other information about your child's country once we receive your first monthly gift of $30.  You can also expect to receive hand-written notes from the child, photos, scanned copies of the child's grade / report card and reports on the child's overall well-being.
How does sponsorship work?
The goal of Develop Africa's sponsorship is to equip your child to step confidently into the future. When you make either a one time gift, or recurring monthly gift your contributions are pooled with that of other sponsors of children in the community where your child lives. Your contributions goes directly to taking care of the child providing, food, water, shelter, clothing,  medical supplies ( where necessary), school fees and books and the basic necessities of life .That means your sponsorship may last for many years. When your child and his or her community reach this goal, Develop Africa can move on to serve another community in need. When this happens, you'll be given the opportunity to sponsor a different child in a new community. You will be provided an annual report of your child's progress
When you sign up to become a child sponsor, you join a family of  "life givers"  around the world who share your commitment to change the world, one child at a time.



1. Choose:  Select one of the children waiting for your sponsorship.

2. Click:  When you push the Sponsor Today button you are presented with a short form.

3. Respond: You will receive an email with instructions for payment / or sign up for payment through the site immediately.


Thank You!   Your sponsorship changes the life of a child.

Need more information?  You can:

faqs about child sponsorship



It's a great way to connect with a child and help make a difference in Africa.  Your children and family will get to know more about the life of a child in Africa. You will receive photos and exchange letters.  It will help all of you think globally and broaden your horizons.  Its a learning experience.  It's a great way to teach your children to help meet the needs of others.  Its life-transforming!

Get started today!  Choose a child, connect with and start a relationship today!