Per UNICEF, In country after country, educating girls yields spectacular social benefits for the current generation and those to come. An educated girl tends to marry later and have healthier children. The children she does have will be more likely to survive; they will be better nourished and better educated. She will be more productive at home and better paid in the workplace.

She will be better able to protect herself against HIV/AIDS and to assume a more active role in social, economic and political decision-making throughout her life. UNICEF’s aim is to get more girls into school, ensure that they stay in school and that they are equipped with the basic tools they need to succeed in later life.

Educating girls is crucial as this impacts the family and the entire nation.

UNICEF believes it's simply the case that when you have healthy, well educated and emancipated women, these women in turn rear healthy, well educated and emancipated children.”  "To educate girls is to reduce poverty," says Kofi Annan.

According to UNESCO, “education and poverty eradication are inextricably bound”.

This is all the more reason why there should be increased focus on the education of girls.