We would like to invite you to consider being a sponsor or partner with Develop Africa.  Together we can help change lives in Africa!

Supporting a non-profit is a great way:

  • to elevate your profile

  • develop your public relations

  • increase your business.

  • show social responsibility

Additionally, supporting a non-profit provides tremendous opportunities for fun, morale-boosting activities that give staff and customers the ‘feel-good factor’.


Donor / Partner Opportunities:

There are several ways you can help – from small, one-off activities to long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships. Here are a few current opportunities:

  • Make Develop Africa your company/organization 'Charity of the Year', and get all your staff involved in campaigning and fundraising activities.

  • Sponsor an African child's education or apprenticeship.

  • Pay for a village school to be built

  • Donate sports or school equipment.

  • Sponsor our publicity materials, merchandise or website.

  • Equip a computer lab

  • Pay for shipping of a container of books, school supplies, computers etc

  • Provide seed money for small businesses; sponsor microfinance projects 

  • Set up an Employer's Matching Gift program. Develop Africa is a tax-exempt charitable organization eligible to receive Matching Gifts. Some companies will provide a 100% match, doubling the value of your gift. Applying for a corporate Matching Gift is easy. Some corporate intranet sites allow employees to apply directly online. Others provide forms that can be printed out and mailed. If you can't find the link on your company web site, then check with your HR department.

Programs You Could Support Include The Following

Education is the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom for all in Africa.   It is the bedrock of social and economic development.  Sponsorships will enable Develop Africa to purchase school supplies and computers and to provide scholarships.

Health- Malaria prevention-Malaria is a leading cause of death of children in Africa, killing nearly one million children each year. Every day 3,000 children die from the disease.  Develop Africa is working to ensure that this simple, inexpensive mosquito net is provided to all.  This project also provides preventive anti-malaria tablets.

Microfinance or micro credit consists of making small loans, of usually less than $200, to individuals to establish or expand a small, self-sustaining business.  Microfinance has proven to be a successful practice and plays a major role in the development of many African nations.


Cause Marketing
We warmly welcome partners to work with us on current and new causes. As a cause marketing partner, you will market or promote your involvement and how you are making a difference in the cause that you choose to support.

You can choose to advertise the cause in your stores/offices and on your website.  Not only does the message reach your clients and staff, it also shows that your organization cares about and is involved with the chosen cause of your choice.

We will be happy to suggest creative ways in which we can link your business/organization to services that we provide.

This could take the form of the following: For example:

  • For each widget x purchased, you will donate widget y to a family in Africa. 
  • For each room/apartment rented for 1 year, you will cover the rental costs of a family in Africa for 1 year
  • For every 10 meals purchase, you will donate 1 meal to a family in Africa
  • A matching program where the company will match each dollar donated by employees to Develop Africa
  • Round up to the next dollar: where customers will be invited to round up the amount of their purchase to the next dollar, with the difference donated to Develop Africa

We can provide specific thank you messages from beneficiaries that can be individualized depending on the level of support.

Whatever your business, we can provide a recommend a program or service that will resonate with your employees/customers.



Holiday Giving

A special way to honor your employees and clients would be to give a gift in their name. This is a special and unique way to appreciate someone who has "everything". 

When a gift is given to Develop Africa in a person’s name/in their honor, the person receives a special email or e-card from Develop Africa letting them know about the donation. When you give, you not only provide quality education to African children, you also let your employees and clients know that you support Develop Africa.

Recipients of Develop Africa e-cards will feel a special connection to Develop Africa’s mission of helping secure the future of Africa through the provision of quality education. 


Use of Develop Africa Logo

You can request the use Develop Africa’s logo on your personalized greeting cards. This is another way to create awareness about the mission of Develop Africa while showing everyone that you support our cause. Kindly contact us for more information


Top 5 Reasons Why you should Develop a Partnership With Develop Africa:

 1.  Employees could be offered the opportunity to direct some of their giving to a worthy cause.

 2.  Your sponsorship will receive appropriate credit and recognition.

 3.  This will reflect very well to all your stakeholders.

 4.  What's better than the deep-down assurance that you have contributed to changing lives?

 5.  You will be partnering with a leading organization, interested not just in channeling aid, but actually developing Africa.


Partnership Examples


JMA Solutions

Since 2013, JMA Solutions has been a long time partner with Develop Africa - providing funds each year towards our programs such as microfinance and orphan care.

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Donating funds from sales of T-shirtsChoonimals - Donating Funds from Sales of T-shirts

Choonimals, a T- Shirt company raised funds by donating a percentage of sales of their charity shirt to Develop Africa

Quote from Choonimals' letter accompanying donation:

"Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with a check for Develop Africa.  Choonimals Clothing Company hopes that we can continue to help your efforts in Africa through donations and through the spreading of information about who you are and what you do.  Thanks, and let us know if there is anything else we can do to help"

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Sweet Yara

Thanks to the ongoing monthly sponsorship of Sweet Yara, Aminata is very thankful today. Knowing that she has people who care for her has brought joy and stability to her life. 










School Supplies sent to Ghana - S. & W. Energy Solutions


S. & W. Energy Solutions, in partnership with Develop Africa, provided 4 drums of school supplies to Aboadze Catholic School in Aboadze, Ghana – near Takoradi, Ghana.  








website sponsorhipWebsite Sponsorship

Website sponsorships are on an annual basis and vary depending on the investment amount with the following options:

  • a badge or logo on the home page  linking to your website
  • a badge or logo on a secondary page - partnerships
  • a badge or logo with text added to our outgoing newsletters
  • all of the above

For 3 years, Salesforce Foundation provided a website sponsorship to Develop Africa



Partnership Levels:

Develop Africa Samaritan Society: $500-$999- As a Samaritan partner, your name or business name will be listed on the acknowledgment page as a Samaritan supporter of Develop Africa.

Develop Africa Champion Society: $1000-$1499 As a Champion partner your name or business name will be listed on the acknowledgment page with a link to your business website as a Champion supporter for Develop Africa.  Additionally, you will be recognized as a sponsor on the blog, Facebook, and twitter.

Develop Africa Guardian Society: $1500-$2999 As a Guardian partner your business logo with a link to your website will be posted on the acknowledgment page as a Guardian partner.  You will be recognized as a Guardian partner on Facebook, the blog, twitter, and the newsletter.

Develop Africa Visionary Society:  $3000-$4999- As a Visionary partner, your business logo with a link to your website will be posted on the acknowledgment page as a Visionary partner.  You will be recognized as a Visionary partner on Facebook, the blog, twitter, and the newsletter with your logo and a link to your web page.  

Develop Africa Ambassador Society: $5000+ - As an Ambassador partner, your business logo with a link to your website will be posted on the acknowledgment page as an Ambassador partner.  You will be recognized as an Ambassador partner on Facebook, the blog, twitter, and the newsletter with your logo and a link to your web page.   As an Ambassador partner, your business logo with a link to your website will also be posted on the project page(s) that you are sponsoring. 

*Develop Africa is deeply grateful to those who have helped us further our work through donations, gifts in kind donations, volunteer support etc.  Without your support, we would not be making the difference that we are making today.  See the list that keeps on growing.  To start a company / organizational partnership or relationship with Develop Africa, please contact us at amy@developafrica.org.