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Cameroon Students are Enjoying School

The students at Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School (BLIS) are enjoying school thanks to your ongoing support that has provided school supplies, books, and scholarships for them.  Since school reopened, the older students are enjoying playing sports and excitedly learning in school.  The nursery students love playing, exercising on the playground and also learning in their classrooms.  The kids are so grateful for the opportunity to learn and prepare themselves for a bright future.  Thanks again for making a difference for these deserving children in Cameroon and helping us and the school achieve the mission of providing the children with an opportunity to receive their education.  Your continued support to help us provide scholarships, school supplies and needed school improvements is greatly appreciated.
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Future Freetown Leaders Start New School Year

Thanks in part to your ongoing support, more future leaders received scholarships for this school year.   A total of 51 students received scholarships to go to school this year.  There were 23 students in primary school and 28 students in secondary school that received scholarships for school.   Some parents in this part of the world find it financially difficult to send their children to school. The scholarships made school possible for each of these students. School materials like books, bags, pencils, crayons and also solar lights were distributed to some of the beneficiaries. Several beneficiaries are: Agnes who just started class 6 and hopes to be a banker when she completes schooling. Joseph just started Senior Secondary School (S.S.S 2) and is working to be an Engineer when he completes school Joy who is now in class 6 and would like to be a doctor when she grows up. You have helped make an impact on multiple schools and many children's lives with your support. We deeply appreciate your kind assistance. We are thankful that we are doing our part to prepare them for a brighter future. Please join us in providing more children in need with uniforms, school supplies, and scholarships.   
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Most of The Trees We Planted are Growing

We are delighted to report that most of the trees we planted have taken root and are growing. You can see some of the growth in the included photo. You can see more photos in the full album.   Tree planting is a slow process that takes years. So we are not expecting large immediate results.  Unfortunately, some of the seedlings withered out and died.  So we are planning to do some more planting in the next 1-2  months to replace the ones that withered away. Since we launched this project, in August, Freetown experienced a heavy rainfall season. Torrential flooding and landslides resulted in over 800 dead/missing.There is a dire need for reforestation and these recent incidents highlighted and confirmed the need for action n this area.  While there are hundreds of acres that need to be reforested, we are definitely on the right track. Your support is so very much appreciated as we continue to follow the steps recommended by the local Environmental Protection Agency.
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Microfinance Loan Ensures a Better Future for Tigidankay

Thank you for your continued support, which has enabled women like Tigidankay to have a better future for herself and her family. Our microfinance or microcredit loans give individuals a helping hand to get their businesses going or to help them grow their existing businesses.   Please check out the video of appreciation from Tigidankay  In the video she says:  "Hello, my name is Tigidankay and I am one of the microfinance beneficiaries. I used the money to expand my small business. I am retailing soap, sugar, and milk. I also sell perfume spray that I give out on credit and collect payment at the end of the month. The microfinance loan has helped me be able to take care of myself and my family. Thank you!” We are so thankful that we are empowering lives and helping them become self-sufficient.  We are overcoming poverty one family at a time. You can continue to help make a difference by signing up for a recurring donation. This will support microfiannce loans for more deserving women like Tigidankay.  Thank you again for making a difference!
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The Dream Home has Running Water!

Thanks to your support, the Dream Home children now have running water!  The funds from this project helped purchase a water tank, connect the well to the tank and install the solar pump.  This water supply will enhance cleanliness, providing better health and sanitation for the kids. This is a benefit that all children should enjoy and we are thankful that together we made this a reality. You can see an album of photos at this link in addition to the one below. You can see Felicia using the new water pump in this video.   Thanks so much for helping bring running water to the Dream Home!
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Project SAIL - 300 pounds of Books and School Supplies Collected

Sravya is a high school student in NC who collected 24 boxes / over 300 pounds of  'gently-used' school supplies to help educate kids in Africa.  

She started a non-profit organization named 'Project S.A.I.L.' - Student Alliance For International Literacy – - to conduct several drives in her area to collect educational materials. 

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Mon, 10/23/2017
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Students Training to Become Successful

Thank you for your continued support of Vocational Trainees. Your generosity is truly making a lifelong impact on these individuals and their families.  Your support most recently has helped the Generation 21 (G21) Cosmetology students. G21 was established in Sierra Leone in 2010, training young girls in the art of cosmetology. The prime goal of the center is to train young girls to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. The ladies are trained in both in the theory and practical aspect in cosmetology. Adult literacy classes have also been established for young ladies who have never gone to school. Since the establishment of G21 the center has made some great accomplishment in training young girls. More than 500 young girls have been trained in cosmetology through the institution and many of them have since been employed in different saloons across the country and others have established their own saloons. Tenneh, pictured below, is one of the students at G21. She is a single mom of a 3-year-old and is staying with friends while she completes Cosmetology school. Both of Tenneh's parents have passed away so it is important for her to be able to learn a trade that will give Tenneh and her child a chance at a better future. Click here for the full photo album. Thank you for making a difference for these young people and their families.  We welcome your continued support! 
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Susan Grace thanks her Sponsor

This Child Sponsorship Update gives you a look into the relationship/communication between children and their sponsors.  

This is actual communication exchanged from a child to her sponsor.

In Susan Grace's video to her sponsor, she says:  "Hi Michele, this is Susan.  Thank you for your sponsorship. Now I am dreaming again.  When I grow up I want to be a banker"

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Providing Opportunities For Girls to Reach Their Full Potential

Thanks in part to your generous donations we were able to give 16 young ladies scholarships for school this year in Freetown.  The parents of the young ladies receiving scholarships were so thankful for the scholarships.  The scholarships "made the impossible possible ".  The families would not have been able to afford to send these girls to school without the scholarships.   Pictured below is Konnie holding her scholarship envelope with a smile of appreciation. She has just started JSS2 and hopes to be a teacher in the future.  October 11 is the International Day of the Girl Child. It's a UN designated-day - dedicated “to help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.”  Helping girls move towards reaching their full potential is what we have been doing together.  We are so grateful for your support.   As we focus on the UN call to help girls worldwide reach their potential, our goal today is to provide 11 more girls with scholarships of $120 each. Please join us in providing opportunities for 11 girls today. For each donation of $120 and above, you will receive a photo and a thank you letter from the girl receiving your support. Thank so much for your kind assistance and investment into the lives of girls.
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Kadiatu Writes a Letter to her Sponsor

This Child Sponsorship Update gives you a look into the relationship/communication between children and their sponsors.  This letter is from Kadiatu to her sponsor.   Kadiatu's sponsor is making a difference in her life. You too can be a hero for a child in need.  Click here to learn more about our child sponsorship program.
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