The Problem: Every year in Kenya (and throughout Africa) there are thousands of young talented runners who start their journey to elite running.  Unfortunately,  most of them quit after a few months of training - due to the lack of support.  Most of them also drop out of school due to lack of school fees and instead put their hope in running. When their running dreams are ended prematurely they have nothing else to turn to except poverty.  They often train under adverse conditions with make-shift equipment.  Their potential is not developed.

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Opportunity Presented: This situation presents a great opportunity - that of helping to develop their talent.  
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How We Are Addressing This Opportunity:  
This project  provides the training, support and motivation that they need as they prepare for their future careers as runners. They are encouraged to pursue their education in general.  
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How You Can Help: Together we can help ensure that these talented runners continue to pursue their dreams. You can help raise the future marathon or Olympic champions!
YOUR donation will open up a new world of opportunities and a chance of winning a world-class marathon race for many youths.  Most of the talented runners in Kenya who receive the necessary support become successful elite athletes. They become self-employed and play a key role in poverty eradication in their communities. By helping one underprivileged talented runner to succeed in running and education means helping the whole community to eradicate poverty and reduce youth unemployment. 
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