Post-Ebola Epidemic

Thankfully, it appears the Ebola epidemic is now history.  Our efforts are now focused towards Ebola orphan care

Ebola orphans have been impacted in several ways including the loss of one or more parents (provider / family breadwinners, stigmatization, grief over bereavement, homelessness etc.   We are helping to address this by providing psychosocial support, counseling, on-going food, maintenance and housing.  

Ebola Orphans
Ebola Orphans


Please see our dedicated website for this here -


Looking Back - Our Involvement in the 2014-2015 Epidemic: 

We responded to this crisis on multiple levels as follows:

1.  Provided Personal Protective Equipment for Health Workers / Medical Equipment and Supplies: First responders have been at risk and hard hit by this crisis.  In partnership with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and a couple of other health clinics / hospitals, we helped to provide vitally-needed PPE so health workers could keep themselves safe from infection and preventing further spread of the disease. 

There is an on-going need for PPE - particularly gloves, face masks and goggles. We welcome your support towards providing this.

2.  Radio Education Support: The Ministry of Education is providing school lessons through radio broadcasts. We supported this by providing radios and batteries to families.

3.  Emergency Food / Relief Aid / Provision of Health Kits: As needed we provided individual or community food / relief aid to alleviate hardship. We also provided emergency health kits - including supplies like soap and Dettol.

4.  Community Sensitization - Dissemination of Ebola Health Information.  We used multiple channels to spread essential information so people could take preventive action and keep themselves safe from infection. 
Ebola awareness and sensitization

How you Can Help:  The best way you can currently help is to donate funds.  This will give us the flexibility to respond to changing needs.



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