School Supplies and Books

Will I receive acknowledgement of my supplies donation?

Yes! We are so grateful for all of the supplies we receive and deeply appreciate the time involved in organizing and holding a supplies drive or fundraiser for Develop Africa. We are happy to mail you a certificate expressing our appreciation after the donations are received, and we will specifically name your group or organization when doing so. If there are specific names you would like included on the certificate, please include a letter with your donation that lists the individuals or group/organization name.

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Can I receive photos showing my donated supplies after they are delivered to the children / schools / communities for which they were intended?

While we would love to be able to provide photos to every donor to show how much the recipients appreciate the supplies and to provide assurance that the donations have arrived safely at their intended destination, unfortunately this is not always logistically possible.  Here are 2 scenarios that affect this:

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Should I Send You Photos of The Supplies That I Want to Donate?

Yes - we would love to receive photos of the supplies.  You can submit a photo through our contact form.

When offering a large number of items, we sometimes will specifically request photos before receiving them.  This helps us in deciding whether or not we can use them and in estimating shipping costs.

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Do You Accept Teaching Supplies / Aids?

Yes, we welcome your donations of teaching aids and supplies.

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What Kind of Books Do you Accept?

We accept general reading books for children of – novels, story books etc.  Due to the fact that book needs in Africa vary, we do not accept random or single text books.  We will consider text books that are donated in a group / quantity – for instance 20+ of the same type. 

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I want to donate school supplies. Are financial or monetary donations required?

As you realize, shipping is expensive.  Monetary donations are welcome as they help us ship the school supplies that you donate.  School / office supplies are welcome without a monetary donation, as they are in high demand.

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Are company-branded items accepted – for instance pens, stationery, shirts, bags with a company logo?

Yes, you can donate these items and they are welcome.

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Will I Receive a Receipt for Tax Purposes?

Yes - we will be happy to provide you with a tax receipt for your donation of items to Develop Africa.  Please note that the determination of the value of the items donated is up to you.  You can optionally provide a purchase receipt (if available).  Be sure to ask for one and we will get this sent to you.

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I am a Teacher of an Elementary School and I Would Like to Send Notes / Pictures and Receive The Same From the Students When They Receive The Items

We will be happy to set up a relationship between the school / center in Africa and your school.  Please indicate this when contacting us - supplying full details about your school, how you intend to do this and for how long - and we will get the process started.

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I Would Like to Ship The Supplies Directly to a School. Can You Provide an Address?

Shipping works differently in many countries.  In some countries, tax is levied / charged for even donated items (or there is a lengthy process to obtain tax exemption).  Also in many instances, the school will have to clear the items from a port. They would simply not be delivered to the school.  Imagine a case where the school is 150 miles or more away from the port.  The school will have to send someone to clear the items and cover the cost of internally (within the country) shipping the items to the school. 

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What Does it Cost to Ship Books or School Supplies to Africa? How Much Do I Need to Donate to Cover These Costs?

The key issue in getting books and supplies to Africa is covering shipping and delivery costs.  It costs an average of about $50 to ship and deliver an average box to Africa.  This price of course varies from country to country - with some countries being more expensive and other cheaper.  We typically consolidate shipments and ship items in drums.

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Can I Specify The Country to Which The Books Will Be Sent?

We would very much like to send books and school supplies to every country.  As you may realize, shipping to some countries is very expensive and more difficult to follow up on.  Additionally, we would need to establish a partnership in each country. 

It takes time and extra resources to investigate and follow up with shipping, local schools etc - when everyone specifies a country. We are simply speaking not there yet.  As a result, we do not currently support this.

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Do you only Accept Any Other Books - Apart From Children's Books

We currently only accept children's books.  We are considering accepting other types of books in the future. 

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How often do you ship school supplies? What countries do you ship them to? How do you ship them out?

We typically accumulate the books and school supplies for an average of 3-6 months (depending on the volume we receive) before we ship them out.  We ship them in drums / barrels like as you can see in this flickr album.

We ship the drums of books / school supplies to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cameroon and Tanzania.  Frequency varies by country.

We generally send them to a shipper / consolidator who forwards / delivers to the destination country.



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What are the dimensions of a medium-sized box?

We accept school supplies in boxes of any size. Books, we ask that you send in medium-sized boxes, no larger than 18"x18"x18" Remember, the shipping cost is $50 per medium-size box.

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Do you accept used school supplies?

We do accept used school supplies, but we ask that you send gently used school supplies. Something you yourself would not mind receiving as a gift. See photos below.

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What countries do the supplies go to?

For a list of schools and countries, see this page:

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