Thanks in part to your ongoing support, more future leaders received scholarships for this school year.   A total of 51 students received scholarships to go to school this year.  There were 23 students in primary school and 28 students in secondary school that received scholarships for school.  

Some parents in this part of the world find it financially difficult to send their children to school. The scholarships made school possible for each of these students. School materials like books, bags, pencils, crayons and also solar lights were distributed to some of the beneficiaries.

Several beneficiaries are:
Agnes who just started class 6 and hopes to be a banker when she completes schooling.
Joseph just started Senior Secondary School (S.S.S 2) and is working to be an Engineer when he completes school
Joy who is now in class 6 and would like to be a doctor when she grows up.

You have helped make an impact on multiple schools and many children's lives with your support. We deeply appreciate your kind assistance. We are thankful that we are doing our part to prepare them for a brighter future.

Please join us in providing more children in need with uniforms, school supplies, and scholarships.   

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