Thank you for your support that is giving students who live below poverty level a chance at receiving an education.  Education is the key to success.  Educating these future leaders in Liberia is giving them the ability to get out of poverty. Educating these children will give them and all future generations what they need to thrive. 

Thanks to your support, last school year ended well with the kids being promoted to the next classes as follows:

K2 to first grade: 19 pupils (these graduated and went to elementary school)
K1 to K2: 15 pupils
Nursery to K1: 20 pupils
Beginners to K1: 25 pupils 

School reopened on September 4th and the kids are happy to be back in school - after the summer break. Current enrollment is 100 pupils and the school will be accepting pupils until mid-October.

Thanks to your support, funds raised have helped cover the some of the costs to start the new school year.  Over the summer we repaired some of the school's roof. An annex to the school building was renovated to serve as the living quarters for the property caretaker. We are now in the process of replacing the back door.  

Here in Tennessee, we also secured chairs for the students (pictured).  These are sturdy and durable chairs that should serve for many years.  We welcome your support to help us ship these chairs from Tennessee to Liberia.

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