Charity gift certificates are a unique and perfect way to show that you care about "giving back".  The recipient will have the opportunity of directing the gift certificate towards one of our programs and also giving in memory / in honor of someone. 

Charity gift certificates are ideal as gifts for friends, family, employees, church group members etc.


Why Charity Gift Certificates are a great idea:

1.  For when you don't know exactly what to give...
2.  You would like to encourage giving
3.  Recipient will have the opportunity to experience the joy of giving
4.  Donated amounts are tax-deductible
5.  Gift certificates demonstrate your commitment to giving back.  This reflects positively on you
6.  This gift keeps on giving and helps to change lives.
7.  You will have the unique satisfaction of having done something good!




Develop Africa currently offers this through as follows:
1.  Set up gift certificates here -  You can designate your email address as the recipient email address for each certificate and then forward to each person personally. 

*** (Alternatively, you can use our email address and we can assist with forwarding the email to each person individually with a copy to you.  This will optionally include a personalized note from you.  Simply contact us first to obtain this
2. You can then provide each person with this link to donate to Develop Africa:   (link redirects to the Just Give site with our information).  

(If we are assisting with the forwarding of emails to each employee, we will provide this link in the email we sent to each person.  We will send you a copy of each email we forward on your behalf).
3.  Employee enters gift certificate amount, adds to basket, creates an account and then activates / redeems gift certificate.


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