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Welcome to Develop Africa’s Girls Leadership Mentoring Program. We are so happy you have dropped by to learn more about our Girls Leadership Mentoring initiative. Our Girls Leadership Mentoring Program  is a unique, dynamic and  forward-thinking mentorship program that equips, nurtures and coaches  girls between the ages of 18-35 years to fulfill their God- given purpose in life and maximize the resources needed to be self-sufficient and productive citizens. Our Girls Leadership Mentoring  Program is life-changing and  focuses on helping young and promising girls  to navigate gender, economic and social barriers. 





Our program is administered through research-based curricula and is delivered by trained , mentoring professionals in the seven core principles of leadership. Our current program's focus is in Africa and we operate two functional  mentoring   group in Freetown, Sierra Leone (West Africa) and in Kisii, Kenya (East Africa). From 2014- 2016 , the program will be extended to other African nations.



Our Mission Statement   


To equip, groom, inspire and challenge young girls (ladies) to cultivate the skills, tools and mindset for personal development, leadership development and optimum success through the release of their potential.

Our Purpose

To produce young girls (ladies) who are adequately trained, equipped and developed with the necessary skills, tools and mindset for self -leadership, spiritual leadership, political leadership, creative leadership, economic leadership and community leadership.


Our Vision 
We see young talented, exceptional, excellent women who are adequately and skillfully equipped to compete locally, regionally and globally and to become pioneers in their field enabling them to serve their generation. 





We have embraced and envisage an effective  strategy with a clear goal in mind i.e that total impact  factor, body, soul and spirit  that produces what we refer to as the "multiplier effect."  Our strategy for mentoring is based on the end -goal of maximizing all available resources to produce well-informed, confident, capable and resourceful leaders who pioneer in their fields of endeavors in Africa and possess a trans-generational mindset of legacy -passing on.


Our Overall Goals are the: 

1. Development of Creative and Forward-thinking Leadership dispositions and skills  for mentees (Self- Leadership and Creative Leadership)
2.  Enhancement of Spirituality, Values and Ethical Considerations in Leadership  (Spiritual Leadership)
3.  Development of Excellence in Life, Purpose. Assignments and Callings (Spiritual Leadership)
4.  Development of Effective Time Management Utilization Skills   (Self-Leadership)
5.  Development of skills for Resource utilization and Business & entrepreneurial skills    (Economic/ Financial Leadership)
6. Development of Public Speaking, Debate and Negotiation skills  (Political Leadership)
7. Development of creative talents and gifting, the recognition of leadership gifting, training and development  (Self- Leadership)
8.  Development of Professional and Personal Etiquette – How to conduct oneself before Kings,Rulers,  Authorities and Influential people.  (Political and self-Leadership)
9.    Development of Financial Management and Professional responsibility skills (Economic Leadership)
10.  Development of creative approaches to health and sanitation issues ( Health Leadership,Creative Leadership)
11.  Development of Cross-cultural and Global Leadership Skills ( Global leadership) and 
12. Development  and the utilization of the "total man concept" of leadership. (Self Leadership)




We are thrilled to launch this  leadership mentoring program and we hope that you will join us in one way or the other to invest into the lives of these brilliant, gifted and energetic girls.  You will find our programs and approach dynamic with an end result of inspiring, motivating and challenging these ladies to live up to their potential to the fullest possible and also to have a trans generational mindset to give back to their communities, nations and worldwide.  Join us as we impact these lives together.  Thank you again for stopping by.