Thank you for your continued support, which has enabled women like Tigidankay to have a better future for herself and her family. Our microfinance or microcredit loans give individuals a helping hand to get their businesses going or to help them grow their existing businesses.  

Please check out the video of appreciation from Tigidankay  In the video she says: 

"Hello, my name is Tigidankay and I am one of the microfinance beneficiaries. I used the money to expand my small business. I am retailing soap, sugar, and milk. I also sell perfume spray that I give out on credit and collect payment at the end of the month. The microfinance loan has helped me be able to take care of myself and my family. Thank you!”

We are so thankful that we are empowering lives and helping them become self-sufficient.  We are overcoming poverty one family at a time.

You can continue to help make a difference by signing up for a recurring donation. This will support microfiannce loans for more deserving women like Tigidankay.  Thank you again for making a difference!

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