We are delighted to report that most of the trees we planted have taken root and are growing. You can see some of the growth in the included photo. You can see more photos in the full album.  

Tree planting is a slow process that takes years. So we are not expecting large immediate results. 

Unfortunately, some of the seedlings withered out and died.  So we are planning to do some more planting in the next 1-2  months to replace the ones that withered away.

Since we launched this project, in August, Freetown experienced a heavy rainfall season. Torrential flooding and landslides resulted in over 800 dead/missing.There is a dire need for reforestation and these recent incidents highlighted and confirmed the need for action n this area. 

While there are hundreds of acres that need to be reforested, we are definitely on the right track. Your support is so very much appreciated as we continue to follow the steps recommended by the local Environmental Protection Agency.

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