A new year normally means new resolutions...promises of better health, more exercise, making a difference in people's lives.  We invite your New Year's resolution to include making an impact on the lives of students in Liberia.  

Most of these students live far below the poverty line and live with their large families in a one bedroom mud house with no electricity and no running water.  

$10 to an average American, may not see like a lot, but to a starving child in Liberia, $10 could be nearly a week of food, $50 could be food and clothes, $100 could be food, clothes and school supplies,  $900 covers all school expenses, clothes and food for a year. 

One of the students in desperate need is Patrick. Patrick lives in a mud house with his dad and siblings.  Patrick's dad is out of job and the family is struggling to eat.  Patrick's hope of getting an education is impossible without help. 

We may not be able to fix the world's problems in 2017, but I hope that you will consider supporting students, like Patrick, in Liberia and choose to make a difference for a child in need as one of your New Year resolutions.

Less than a week ago, on December 27th 2016, a local newspaper, the Liberian Observer published a review on the education system in Liberia:

Since the country’s 14 year civil war ended in 2003, the education sector is yet to regain the needed respect where the quality of schools would improve to match the required teaching.

As such, the sector continues to show signs of decline with students performing poorly in public exams to the extent that admission to the state run University of Liberia (UL) has continuously exposed the weak educational system by rejecting high school graduates who fail the university’s admission exams in massive numbers.

Under the year in review, 13,000 candidates registered for the UL placement and examinations. The result, only 15 candidates passed.

This statistics confirms what we already know. There are tremendous opportunities to make a difference.  

As we help ensure kids like Patrick have a stronger educational foundation, we will truly be making a difference. Patrick, and kids like him, will excel in their exams and also as they lead Liberia in the future. 

We are excited about the opportunity we together have to change lives and future outcomes. 

Thanks for your support.

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