Our focus quickly grew from simply pencils to all type of school supplies - in order to appropriately meet the needs of children. 

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Pencils are seeming small and insignificant, yet they play a vital role in the learning process.  Children have an on-going demand for them in their educational process.



We invite schools, groups, companies and individuals to partner with us to collect or sponsor the sending of a drum of pencils and other school supplies.  We continue to empower the education and development in diverse ways. Read below a report from one of our support groups and partnership schools. 

 Completed Pencil Project - Prairie Grove Junior High School

Email quote one of our newletter readers:

 “The Pencil Project brings to mind the young people in Kenya from many years ago who wanted our pens and pencils---I had gone armed with extras. I was down to just one pen when I dropped it in an unsavory puddle of water. Being without a writing instrument was very inconvenient for the rest of the trip. Something so simple we take for granted. I just recommended to the mother of a student who is going to Africa this summer to take pens and pencils with him for gifts."    Janet F.  Tennessee


Should you be interested in collecting pencils (or other vitally needed school supplies), to schools please see our drive information page