The overall project goal - Bitame Lucia School in Cameroon computer lab using solar technology will provide computer training to 5000 students in villages. Access to Internet & multimedia training will enrich their learning

Access to computer technology will level the playing field and help prepare them for success in our information-driven and computer-aided world. Their learning will be greatly increased – providing an excellent platform for further education.

The project will set up a solar powered computer lab and access to multimedia training and the internet that will significantly increase learning opportunities and broaden the horizons of this rural community – equipping them for success.


The Nkolfoulou school does not have any electricity. The village does not have any computer facilities. There are about 5000 students from neighboring schools that have never used a computer or received any training in computing skills. These facilities will improve the quality of their education – giving access to multimedia resources and training available through the internet. It will help bridge the "Digital Divide" – exposing them to a wealth of information available on the Internet