Thank you so much for helping to provide scholarships for three sisters who became orphans during the Ebola crisis. Thanks to your support, Fatmata, Hannah, and Flourence have received some of the funding they need to pay for their tuition, books, school supplies and related school expenses this year. We are so very grateful for your support that is getting these sisters closer to their dream jobs as adults.

This month, they celebrated their 2nd anniversary at the Dream Home. The have been enjoying a 2 week or so break from school - in between semesters.  Fatmata, a future doctor, will be completing JSS2 (Junior Secondary School)  this spring. Flourence, a future minister, will be completing class 3 this spring. Hannah, a future banker, will be completing class 4 this spring.  The girls are all doing well in school and are looking forward to summer break.

We welcome your support in providing full support for several other student scholarships and other projects that you can see when you click or tap on the following link for Develop Africa.

Let's together make the education dreams of each of these students come true! There is truly no better gift that you could give.

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