eBay users: Here's a new way to give!  Support Develop Africa by Selling or Buying on eBay

At Develop Africa we have received a multitude of books and school supplies and we are so grateful for the outpouring of generosity.  We have a problem though....some of these wonderful supplies are sitting in our corporate headquarters instead of in the hands of the many children that desperately need these supplies....the reason is as simple as it is expensive....shipping costs.  

Please help us by donating to help cover the cost of shipping to get these supplies where they need to be.  A single drum costs over $200 to ship to Africa.   Every dollar donated gets us one step closer to getting these supplies into children's hands and we want to get ALL of them into the hands of the children that they were donated for.  Over 20 drums have been shipped between January to August 2015, but we have over 10 drums of supplies currently sitting in the corporate office...just waiting for the funds to ship these supplies to Africa.  

You can help us raise money to cover the expensive shipping costs by just selling the items around your home, school or business list them on eBay and donate the profits to Develop Africa, which will go toward the shipping cost of the books and school supplies that are donated to us.  You can experience shopping / selling on eBay and support Develop Africa at the same time.

As a Seller...
... giving from your online sales is easy! Just register with eBay, pick Develop Africa as your charity / non-profit and the percentage you want to give, and eBay Giving Works will make sure your donation gets to us. 

To list your item:
1.  Go to  on http://givingworks.ebay.com/
2.  Choose Develop Africa as your charity to support
3.  Choose the percentage of your sales that you would like to go to Develop Africa
4.  Start Selling

As a Buyer...
... you can see what items are currently listed on eBay that will benefit Develop Africa by visiting Develop Africa's Page on eBay  If there are no items currently listed we invite you to visit this page again or consider selling your items to benefit Develop Africa.

You can also donate directly to Develop Africa to help cover shipping.   DONATE HERE



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